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Hello Learning Curve: My First Days in Student Teaching

Day 1:

5:00 am-wake up and prepare for the day

6:30 am-leave to go to Student teaching with my NCTE tote and lunch bag in frost-bitten hands.

7:38 am-enter school and learn in 5 more minutes that my first day will be with a substitute and we are watching a movie, all day. 

8 am- 12:22 pm-watch the beginning of “Brian’s Song” 3 times.

12:22 pm- have my first lunch duty

12:46 pm- 3:26 pm-finish watching “Brian’s Song” 3 times (just an FYI it’s a tear- jerker)

5 pm- 10 pm- arrive home to a happy kitty, talk to my best friends/ colleagues about their days, pray for a more eventful Day 2, pass out from exhaustion

Day 2: 

5 am- wake up

7:30 am- arrive at school and learn that I am with a substitute again, but the cooperating teacher provided lesson plans this time

8 am- hate myself for just monitoring students while they copy vocab words (this occurs 2 more times, but I tried to make the next ones more interactive)

1:40 pm- TEACH MY FIRST LESSON (repeated at 2:30 pm)

5 pm- arrive home with a big, tired grin on my face

My days are long, my body is exhausted, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, especially not after day two.

Though I was not expecting a substitute teacher for my first days as a student teacher, I learned a lot. Though I wish we didn’t just watch a movie the first day, I was able to observe my students and get a read from them about what they like and don’t like, their sense of humor, and their insatiable curiosity about new things and people. I had lunch duty the first day, and many of my students flagged me down to bombard me with questions about who I am and how long I will be at the school. Already, I love them all; I know I will cry a little when I leave them.The sub is amazing. I sincerely love this woman, and I am glad I had the privilege of meeting her and working with her. After the first day, I was so bored that I was not really looking forward to the rest of the time that I would be observing. 

I woke up on Day 2 with the refusal to watch a movie that day. I was brainstorming ideas for lessons that I could teach that would help further this semester’s goals.When I arrived to school, I found that I would have the same sub and that the teacher had emailed lesson plans. I was happy. Most of the work she had for the students required us to watch the students copy down notes and read. However, I was able to actually teach. For my 8th grade LA students, I was able to have my students create a “glupsnerch” which is really a creative writing/ descriptive writing assignment in which the students create a product, write about it, and then draw it. I loved it. Not only could I see my kids do actual writing, but I was able to present the material how I wanted, provide feedback like I wanted, and loosen the reigns just a bit. One of my kids told his table mate to ask me instead of the sub about this assignment because, “I like her, she’s good.” (I almost cried from happiness.) 

I have learned. It’s amazing to think about how much I have learned in the past two days. I want my students to learn from me as much as I have learned from them. After today, I learned how great it can be to be a teacher. I messed up presenting an activity one period, but was able to make up for it in the next period. My kids were so good to me. I cannot wait to get into my own classroom. I feel oddly comfortable in the classroom. I say “oddly” because I don’t think I should be so comfortable already. I think I should still feel like I am floundering and trying to get my a grip on my surroundings, but I am not and that scares me. 


I would like to dedicate this blog to my methods professor because she helped me find who I am as a teacher. Without her, I wouldn’t be a student’s teacher, but a teacher’s teacher. 


Forever, Your Teacher

Many times when I am on the verge of taking a big step in life, I find myself looking back at where I have been in this path. As I look forward to becoming a teacher, I look back at all the teachers I have had in my life. Although a fair few of my past teachers I look upon as friends and colleagues, I always think about them as my teachers first. I realize that each of my students will probably have the same reaction as I have. No matter whether I am a fantastic teacher or the worst teacher ever, my students will still think of me as their teacher. I will forever be one of their teachers. I know my students may forget my name, forget when I taught them, or for how long I taught them, but they will know I was their teacher at some point. My students deserve to be able to think about any of their teachers and have positive memories to associate with each of the teachers. I want to be the teacher that my students remember as one that cared about them and helped them.

Personalized Teacher Sign To Teach is To Touch Lives Forever

Teachers never stop being teachers. Even when a teacher discontinues his/her career, they never stop. I have talked to many retired and former teachers. Not a single one regrets being a teacher. In fact many of them have offered resources and assistance for my own career. I have grown to understand what people mean when parenting and teaching are very closely related: no matter how much you may want to quit being a teacher or a parent, you never really do. 

It's a wonderful sentiment, but is that the job of the teacher, or the parent? And does the teacher have the time/capabilities of parenting 20-30 kids and still teach them the basic skills they need?

With all this on my mind, I am a bit nervous about my first day of student teaching. I am scared to potentially mess up and make a student be ruined by something I had not intended to be hurtful. I am nervous about my life changing. I am worried about my cooperating teachers and supervisors and their evaluations. How can I teach a classroom that restricts me as a teacher? How can my students effectively learn from me in this case? To top it off, I am not even 100% certain my cooperating school isn’t closed or delayed tomorrow because of the weather.


Yes, I am stressing. I bake delicious desserts when I am stressed about things I can’t directly fix. Normally, I give the baked goods away. I’m a half pan of brownies down and hope someone comes to claim the other half, soon!


Because no one can resist a smile after seeing this adorable kitty.