Hello Learning Curve: My First Days in Student Teaching

Day 1:

5:00 am-wake up and prepare for the day

6:30 am-leave to go to Student teaching with my NCTE tote and lunch bag in frost-bitten hands.

7:38 am-enter school and learn in 5 more minutes that my first day will be with a substitute and we are watching a movie, all day. 

8 am- 12:22 pm-watch the beginning of “Brian’s Song” 3 times.

12:22 pm- have my first lunch duty

12:46 pm- 3:26 pm-finish watching “Brian’s Song” 3 times (just an FYI it’s a tear- jerker)

5 pm- 10 pm- arrive home to a happy kitty, talk to my best friends/ colleagues about their days, pray for a more eventful Day 2, pass out from exhaustion

Day 2: 

5 am- wake up

7:30 am- arrive at school and learn that I am with a substitute again, but the cooperating teacher provided lesson plans this time

8 am- hate myself for just monitoring students while they copy vocab words (this occurs 2 more times, but I tried to make the next ones more interactive)

1:40 pm- TEACH MY FIRST LESSON (repeated at 2:30 pm)

5 pm- arrive home with a big, tired grin on my face

My days are long, my body is exhausted, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, especially not after day two.

Though I was not expecting a substitute teacher for my first days as a student teacher, I learned a lot. Though I wish we didn’t just watch a movie the first day, I was able to observe my students and get a read from them about what they like and don’t like, their sense of humor, and their insatiable curiosity about new things and people. I had lunch duty the first day, and many of my students flagged me down to bombard me with questions about who I am and how long I will be at the school. Already, I love them all; I know I will cry a little when I leave them.The sub is amazing. I sincerely love this woman, and I am glad I had the privilege of meeting her and working with her. After the first day, I was so bored that I was not really looking forward to the rest of the time that I would be observing. 

I woke up on Day 2 with the refusal to watch a movie that day. I was brainstorming ideas for lessons that I could teach that would help further this semester’s goals.When I arrived to school, I found that I would have the same sub and that the teacher had emailed lesson plans. I was happy. Most of the work she had for the students required us to watch the students copy down notes and read. However, I was able to actually teach. For my 8th grade LA students, I was able to have my students create a “glupsnerch” which is really a creative writing/ descriptive writing assignment in which the students create a product, write about it, and then draw it. I loved it. Not only could I see my kids do actual writing, but I was able to present the material how I wanted, provide feedback like I wanted, and loosen the reigns just a bit. One of my kids told his table mate to ask me instead of the sub about this assignment because, “I like her, she’s good.” (I almost cried from happiness.) 

I have learned. It’s amazing to think about how much I have learned in the past two days. I want my students to learn from me as much as I have learned from them. After today, I learned how great it can be to be a teacher. I messed up presenting an activity one period, but was able to make up for it in the next period. My kids were so good to me. I cannot wait to get into my own classroom. I feel oddly comfortable in the classroom. I say “oddly” because I don’t think I should be so comfortable already. I think I should still feel like I am floundering and trying to get my a grip on my surroundings, but I am not and that scares me. 


I would like to dedicate this blog to my methods professor because she helped me find who I am as a teacher. Without her, I wouldn’t be a student’s teacher, but a teacher’s teacher. 


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