My Very Own Room 109 Reflection

Mr. Richard Kent takes us through an in-depth and inspiring look at a portfolio classroom. Room 109 has helped me make some decisions in how I will attempt to create my first classroom. I have a better look at what my class might just look like, now. This book was very well written. A fair few questions about portfolios came to mind as I read and they were subsequently answered. 95% of them, at least. This book is also handy for a resource-filled book.

As great as Kent’s classroom appears to be, I do not think I would be able to pull it off quite like he does. I need to find the means to make a class like this work for me. This classroom needs to have a air of fun around it, and I’m not normally called, “fun.” Regardless of my fun levels, I still plan on using some of Kent’s ideas in my future classroom.

I suggest this book to any future or current teacher who is looking into portfolio classrooms. This is a great book that can act as a great mentor text. One thing, however, that concerned me with this book is how old it is. A lot of things have happened in the education world since this book was written. Also, a lot newer more technology has come out since this book. If Kent is still teaching, would love to see what Kent is doing in his classroom now. 

This is a short blog for a short book. Also, next up is a dedication post!!


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