Blogging to Say, “Thanks”

This week has been insane. I feel as though I have learned more than a normal person should ever learn in a week. No, not everything I have learned has been good. Thanks to Maggie, I have learned that cheetahs have been around since before the Ice Age and that they are having a lot of genetic issues due to this thing called the “bottle neck effect.” I have learned that I am SO READY and WANTING to be a teacher.

My methods professor gave us an assignment to grade a paper. This paper is filled with grammatical errors, spelling errors, and VOICE. The editor in me want to whip out a red pen and “go to town.” Instead, I read the paper and couldn’t make a single corrective mark. Instead, I have tons of questions for this student. I have respect for this student. I want this student in my class so I can see and help him grow into the writer I know he can be. A self-rule I think I will have in my class: no red pens.

Of all the things I have learned this week, the most important one I believe I have learned is to be thankful. November is the month for many things: novel writing, not shaving, stressing over homework, being thankful etc… I am thankful to have the people in my life that I do. I am extremely thankful for my dearest friends who put up with me and who save me from considering going postal on people. I love you! Unfortunately, a good majority of people around me make me want to shake them to wake them up from the dense fog of deception in which they seem to be floundering. I am thankful for the pleasurable experiences I have had. More than anything, I am thankful for the people and events in my life that have challenged me. 

An addition to my motto:


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