What’s on my Agenda for Blogs? Why, it’s you ENG461!

To be perfectly honest, this is my second time typing this blog. I was literally 80% finished with this blog before my computer/ internet connection wigged out and completely deleted my draft. So, lucky readers, you might just be getting an abridged version of this blog.

 I was frustrated.

Though the countdown until Christmas steadily falls, the stress levels felt by students across the world begin rising exponentially. Many students discover the library and all it’s resources during these times. It is also during these times that I find joy in reflecting on this semester in reverse. Shamefully, there are always a couple of classes where I just blank out a month or two from the semester. Anyways, as I was reflecting on my methods course, I thought about some greats, not-so-greats, and some down-right hilarious moments. I also thought about how much my class seems to enjoy the “snap-cup,” “warm fuzzies,” and “positive post-its.” These are the happy notes that students (people in general) write to each other. Inspired by this idea, I have decided what I am going to write about in the next few weeks. I am going to dedicate a blog to each of the wonderful peeps in my methods course. I do not have a specific order in which I will be dedicating a blog to each classmate. (My blog, my rules:remember?)

The get this metaphorical ball rolling, here are links to my classmates’ blogs: (hopefully they are all working, all correct, and all here)

Maggie: http://lechatdu503.wordpress.com/Mariah:  http://mariahbusch.wordpress.com/

Kelsey: http://kelseyempfield.wordpress.com/ Nikki: http://nikkijh2424.wordpress.com/ 

Laura: http://livetoread08.wordpress.com/Heather: http://hecoll.wordpress.com/

Lindsey: http://lindseygail10.wordpress.com/Kali:  http://krblev.wordpress.com/

Elizabeth: http://thedirigibleplum.wordpress.com/Brit: http://britgrace.wordpress.com/

Ashley:  http://ashleyrushman.wordpress.com/

I think that is it! If I have missed anyone, let me know because I will use this blog as a check list for blogging. Also, if you do not want me to write you a blog, then let me know ASAP. You have at least until class on Wednesday because I still need to finish reading and blogging for Room 109. (Still great, by the way.)

Something random: (I literally Googled, “random.”)

Isn’t he cute?! Also, he is the thing I found to be most random.


1 thought on “What’s on my Agenda for Blogs? Why, it’s you ENG461!

  1. I love this idea! This is great! Oh my gosh I do not have words for how awesome this is. Seriously. I’m so excited for all the warm fuzzies. 🙂 I want to be totally unoriginal and do this too!

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