Whoop-Whoop! “Room 109”

I have finished about half of Room 109 by Richard Kent. I am officially jumping on the portfolio wagon! However, I still feel concern for the amount of work there is that goes with the territory. I do not mean to sound lazy, but I know I will struggle to find the balance between the classroom life and my personal life. I fear that I will not be able to find a school with a writing center or with computers. I worry that without these crucial resources, I will not be able to provide the right amount of feedback that might be necessary. I do not want to be unable to meet and serve the needs of my students by being unable to figure out what their needs actually are. Does that make sense? 

Question marks on chalkboard. Decision, confusion, FAQ or other concept. Hand writing with chalk on school black board.  Stock Photo - 14287488

Yes, I love this book. Yes, I will steal more than one idea out of this book. Yes, I recommend everyone who is seriously considering a portfolio and workshop based classroom to read this book. Two people whose opinions I value, Nikki and Lindsey, loved this book as well. I will blog more on this topic when I actually finish reading the lovely book.

patience-is-a-virtue Ha! I thought this was cute.

In other news, I know I have had some very bad blogging habits lately. I just struggle with what I want to blog about. Also, I feel like I do nothing but rant in my blogs. So, I am working on these things, but I fear that this will be a long process. I already want to fly off on a tangent about how disgusting those nasty box-elder bugs are and how they are the bane of my existence right now….

Posted Image YUCK!!

So, hopefully the next blog will be easier than this one. My goals for next time: longer, no off-topic rants, and at least 3 relevant pictures containing animals. Ciao! 



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