I have been told to use emotional topics to try and capture my students attention. I know this professor meant to get my students fired up and excited about things that interest the students. Sounds a lot like social justice, right? Great! So what about when using emotion backfires? No one tells you about that. Also, no one has really ever explained what happens when a student has a melt down or freaks out because of something I said or because they are just having a bad day. I know I will probably just figure things out, but I am TERRIFIED that I am just going to make the situation just bad or worse. 

Insert cliche picture here:

Also, as I am slowly learning in my life that I am accidentally rude. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, I think it occurs most when I am trying to be funny, but then it just back fires. Things go from funny to “wtf?” in a hurry. Hence, I am concerned that I will not be good at making connections with some or most of my students. 

I am really trying to stay on topic with this one. 

I feel like I have endless questions, but I just want to know. I want to be able to step into my first classroom and feel like I can do something right, but lately I feel that all I am going to do is be an awful teacher and my poor kids are going to suffer from it. 😦 

Short blog this time, but I think it might just be a perfect length for this topic. Which leads me to the thing I first thought of when I decided on this blog title:

Right around 1:25- 1:28



Cute Cats - cats Photo 

Love it! Also, how I feel right now. “Please just be kind and feed me!”


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