I want to be a lone nut, not just a nut

I have a lot on my mind right now. As it turns out, this semester has been extremely exhausting. Now, it is mid-term and guess what? I quite honestly barely remember September. I keep asking myself, “Where did the time go?” I feel like this fast-paced tempo might be something I need to get used to for when I am a teacher. Just to get a feel for my schedule, here’s what I have to do this week. I have to present reading strategies, a graphic organizer, and an anticipatory set for block. I have monster readings for Literary Criticism. I have a presentation over Social Justice for methods. (I really hope it rocks, will be discussed later.) I have a late night event to work on Thursday. Oh, just to top it off, I have to take TWO Praxis II tests this week; one Tuesday and one Thursday at 8 am. Needless to say, I really didn’t want to go for 36 hours without power. Phew! Now that my venting is over, here is what I want to actually talk about in this lovely blog.

responders angry people venting intiminate real kooks bothersome angry person 

This is how I feel right now.

I have been reading a ton about Social Justice. I am not going to spoil my presentation on Wednesday by going into detail, but what I have been reading is really great! I am re-analyzing how I look at my classroom, especially for juniors and seniors. I struggle to think that I will teach this unit to students I have for more than one year in a row because I don’t know if my students will just turn in the same project each year. Can anyone help me with this just a bit with this potential problem?

As a pre-service educator I have been subjected to a wide variety of helpful hints and resources. The shear amount of information is a little overwhelming. One thing I really enjoy is the advice to be “the lone nut.” This idea is terrifying and potentially embarrassing. Then I had this one teacher who is just a nut. I would go into details, but it’s not particularly nice.  

As Thumper says:


Though this semester may be a bit overwhelming, a little confusing, and a lot conflicting, I am slowly learning who I want to be in the classroom and who I want to avoid being in the classroom. 

I cannot wait to tell everyone what I have learned. I am excited to be figuring out my teacher self!





2 thoughts on “I want to be a lone nut, not just a nut

  1. I can’t wait to see your presentation! After doing my curriculum unit on social justice I fell in love with the entire concept. Regarding your questions about kids handing in the same project the next year, I simply wouldn’t let them but I would love for them to continue revising and adding to their previous projects. Think about if students had twice the time to really dig deep into one social justice project! They could create an even bigger project and get even more people to hear their thoughts and solutions.

  2. I like Kelsey’s idea of making students continually revise and add to their previous projects. You would know if the student did not work at all on their project to improve. This way, you can encourage them to keep going and they may just find a new way to look at their project. I can’t wait for the presentation because this is something I do not really know too much about. Teach me! 🙂

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