A Crazy Week to Wake Up

This week has been one of the craziest weeks I have ever had. From putting in my application for graduation, to having a meltdown in class, to “krumping” in front of 100+ people, I feel like I have hit all ends of the emotional spectrum. (I was even mad at my boyfriend for a whole day.) As crazy as I feel, I think this has been a constructive week.

For you who don’t know, Krumping:

No, I am no where even close to being kind of in the same league as this guy, but I pretended for 8 seconds. (This was for the spirit rally on 9/19/13.)

I want to thank Dr. Ellington for letting me have my 30 seconds. I really wish I could explain why I just melted, but I am sorry it happened. However, I do not know if I would be aware of the problems I have been having with my writer’s journal if I hadn’t. See, I haven’t been thinking about it for my future students. I have been thinking about it for me. I felt as though the notebook was my sacred space to be used to play, not something that I could actually use to grow as a teacher. Well, those days are over! I think I can actually write things to use in my journal and be okay with it. I need to stop acting like a student and start acting like a teacher. I have been calling this going into teacher mode. So, I have a whole new perspective and this perspective helps, a lot.

The application for graduation is not as bad as you’d think it would be, but doing loan exiting counseling is not so fun. My advice to future students, keep track of your student loans or you might end up like me and not realize just how much you have. This sounds like I have an immense amount of student loan debt, but I do not, it’s just more than I thought I would.

Many of you have probably heard of “The Fox” song. Well, the people who sing “The Fox” were on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and I learned that they did this whole thing to be funny. If you want a little laugh, watch this and perhaps watch other episodes. 

One more thing, here’s my cat!


She is such a cute fatty and probably the best snuggle-bug I know; well, when she wants to.


5 thoughts on “A Crazy Week to Wake Up

  1. We all deserve a “meltdown” here and there. You are a strong, beautiful young lady on her way to great success. Your cat clearly adores you too. Stay positive, fight through the struggles, and relish in the joys.

    PS-impressive krumping, Miss Jackson (I am for real)<—reference to outkast song

  2. Ditto to what Mariah said. You worry me sometimes because your lack of crying–so it’s ok to have those moments.

    I find myself needing that reminder to act like a teacher more than student throughout block and methods. It’s time to stop being students and start acting like teachers/professionals. We’re scary close to that time in our lives when we’re booted into a classroom. I like how you refer to it as “Teacher Mode”…I definitely need to be in that mode more often.

    You will make a fantastic teacher. Just continue to krump your way through life.

    Also, pet Eda for me. Ok bye.

  3. I agree with both Mariah and Nikki. And also I loved the fox song people on Ellen. It was a nice video to laugh about for a bit. My “teacher mode” needs to be switched on soon. I don’t think it is smart to go into student-teaching not thinking like a teacher so thanks for creating my own wake up call. 🙂

  4. Pretty kitty! The beauty of the writer’s notebook is that it can be both: a private space for YOU and a space to write pieces that you will share with students. I do both in mine; it’s a messy mix of stuff (including grocery lists and notes from my kid’s therapy sessions!).

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