Why am I surprised anymore?

I was browsing around WordPress and reading some lovely blogs when I ran across this one by Pernille Ripp. http://pernillesripp.com/2013/09/14/why-reading-sucks-and-its-ok-to-talk-about-it/ She talks about how one of her students made the comment that reading sucks and then she started asking her students to come up with why they think reading sucks. This reminded me much of what Dr. Ellington does with us when we have woes and worries. I do not know why, but I was surprised that she took it that far. I am beginning to wonder why I am even surprised anymore. I have been exposed to so many things that I did not even think were possible. I am looking forward to being able to implement many of the various techniques and ideas I have learned about, especially the ones I have learned in about in the last few weeks.

Related to my hypothetical question, I hope I am surprised almost everyday. When I stop being surprised then I need to move onto a different path in life. As a teacher, I am sure many things will surprise me. I am also sure that many of the surprises will not be pleasant, but that will be okay with me.

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On a different note, please pray for Colorado.


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