Would I like to be a student in my own classroom?

Of all the reading I have complete recently, the one that stuck the hardest was, “Would You Like Being A Student In Your Own Classroom?” http://bit.ly/1ahSVTf A more appropriate question for me and my peers would be if we would want to be a student in the classrooms we are currently planning. We should be able to be asked these questions and confidently reply with something like this: “Heck, yes! I am jealous of my kids to be getting this great of a classroom.”  We have the capability to  help students be and to be excellent. 

As I progress toward my ultimate goal of being an excellent teacher, I am learning just how many keys there are to success. Some keys include the following: being able to connect with your students, your students learning, your students doing well on the standardized tests so you can keep your job, you being able to manage your classroom well, you being able to manage your class’ behavior well, you engage your students, and the list goes on. I am sure that the list ends eventually, but I feel that every time I ask someone one key to being successful, I will have another one to add to the pile. Do I ask myself? How can I know until get into the field? I will address this issue in a later blog, perhaps after I begin to figure it out myself. 

I have an idea of a classroom in my head. In this classroom, I have found the perfect combination of workshop and traditional classrooms. My students are willing and even excited to learn about the topics in my classroom. My job, my students, and I am secure in this setting. I would love to be a student in this classroom because I would feel capable of learning in whatever setting suited me best. 

I hope ever single future and present teacher challenges themselves to dream of the ideal classroom in which the students learn. I challenge the teachers to find positive approaches and use these approaches to achieve the classroom of their dreams where the students love learning as they do.  

Do you want to be in your own classroom? Would you want to learning in your classroom? Would you like to be a student in your own classroom?



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