Cats and the Fears of Student Teachers

First things first, I am a future secondary education teacher. I will be teaching high school English. I am in a special methods course right now. This course is held on Wednesday evenings. In my first class, I learned of a new hope for me! My professor has six cats! This brings new hopes and joys to my life. I have wondered if there was ever a possibility of me owning more than one cat and still living a normal and stable life. Thank you, Dr. E for sharing that glimmer of hope.

Image Yes, I actually own this action figure. I received it for Christmas.

Also, in the previously mentioned class, we discussed our futures as teachers. We discussed what the curriculum was that we had to teach and we discussed why we wanted to be teachers. Then, we discussed fears. As a class, we came up with an entire white board of fears that we have about teaching. If you would like to see a picture of said board, you can check out my Twitter (@RebaJackson2014), Dr. Ellington’s Twitter, or Mariah’s Twitter.  The Fear Board had an ominous aura about it. I felt that if we approached the Fear Board or the subjects on there, we might be sucked into a eternal pit of despair. I am kind of kidding.

Image If you don’t get this reference, well watch The Princess Bride. (Life will be great for you if you do….mawwage!)

In the end of our particularly entertaining, informative, and challenging class, we discussed what our “bottom lines” for education were. I struggled with this idea. To be perfectly honest, I am still not 100% sure I can be happy with just one bottom line. Yet, I know that I need to decide. On one hand, I want to develop and build critical and unique reading, writing, and thinking skills in my students. One the other hand, I want to help my students be prepared for the “real world” and give them the tools to be successful in the world we live in now. I just do not want to fail as a teacher, but see my students succeed.

Image This is one of my ideas captured in a picture.


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One thought on “Cats and the Fears of Student Teachers

  1. So in addition to our crazy love of cats, we share a love of The Princess Bride! I am not sure that I can entirely recommend having 6 cats. There are occasionally territorial ISSUES that involve cat pee on things you don’t want cat pee on. But it can be done. They’re endlessly entertaining plus very pretty to look at. It helps to have a large house and a husband who is willing to clean the cat boxes. I think I’m going to steal “Fear Board” from your post for the title of the post I’m going to write about classroom fears. I really like that. Now I just need to figure out how to get the photo out of Twitter and uploaded into my blog. Technology!

    I think your bottom line actually encompasses a number of different goals you might have in the classroom. If your focus is on reading, writing, and thinking skills as they apply to the world we live in, you’re going to be able to make all kinds of curricular decisions (and also toss most of the traditional high school English curriculum–is that what you meant to do with your goal?!)

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